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List of Olympiad Exams in India

Education holds great importance for it is something that helps to provide the children with a secure and bright future. Students are sent to school from a very early age so that they can better understand where their interests lie and how they can...READ MORE


How do Olympiad exams help with the future?

Parents always seek to provide only the best resources for their children. The Olympiads have gained quite significantly in recent times for these exams from the forefront of the impactful and highly effective learning experience, in the...READ MORE


Olympiads to be conducted online this year

The Olympiad exams play an effective role in preparing students for competitive exams and in helping them strengthen their grasp on subject/s of their interest. The Indian Talent Olympiad has catered to this requirement of young minds for... READ MORE


Why one or more Olympiad books are better for preparing for Olympiad exams?

Having preparation material can greatly impact one’s performance in the test. It is a fact that proper guidance and availability of resources greatly improve the learning experiences of students, when it comes to preparing for competitive exams... READ MORE

Indian Talent Olympiad Registration 2021: Eligibility & Exam Date

The current times have been unlike before but even in the adverse situations, things have been in process. Online resources have proven to be very beneficial, ... READ MORE


Preparation material for Olympiad

Students when appearing for an exam try to work hard and prepare for it in the best way possible, this preparation includes them covering their subject matter thoroughly and understanding it properly, it is something everyone does, hence in order to stand out, there are various practices one... READ MORE


Class 1 to Class 10 Olympiad exam 2021.21: Subject, Syllabus, Exam fee, Pattern & more!

The students of class 1 to 10 stand at a stage of their educational life where the educational way seems vast, diverse and rich, and trying to appear for competitive exams can seem very daunting to the students. But these exams tend to play a pivotal role in helping students establish a better academic... READ MORE